About Us

My name is Glenda V. Barez-Hunter the CEO & Principal Interior Designer of Being Creative Interior Designs, LLC. We are a full service interior design firm & fine furnishings that has delivered over 20 years of awe-inspiring residential and commercial designs. Studied Interior Design at Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland. Affiliated with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

We put our passion behind our work, providing personalized levels of service, raising the bar to fit your design innovations and clientele expectations. Regardless of style, our team has the expertise and experience for contemporary, traditional, transitional and commercial designs. Whether your project is for an elegantly styled luxurious home, a conservative approach to a cozy nook, or a commercial property looking to update or innovate on existing design inspirations, Being Creative Interior Designs, LLC team is committed and focus to creating interior spaces that are elegant, vibrant, and functional.

Marry beauty and function

My goal is to help my clients identify and achieve their own personal style—decorating for yourself but not by yourself.

Together, we bring the vision to life

We open your minds to creating styles by changing colors, adding colors, expanding a room, adding window treatment, or simply giving ideas helps me to connect with you.

Speaking fluent English and Spanish

Bilingualism makes me a key element and a must-have ally in any construction, remodeling, and project management or design project. I also have the ability to work with an assortment of clients and translate any style to satisfy their needs and desires.

Be Bold or Italic
But Never Regular